A Cryptocurrency app made with Flutter using Provider and BLoC pattern.

How to Run

  • Aquire your free API Key from the CryptoCompare Website.
  • Navigate to the projects root directory and create a new file called privateData.jsonand add the following text to file:
  "apiKey": "<insert your API Key here>"
  • Run the command flutter run using the terminal in the project's directory.

Current Features

[✓] Display top Cryptocurrencies

[✓] Real-time data

[✓] Search for Cryptocurrencies

[✓] Refresh on demand (pull to refresh)

[✓] Daily performance charts

[✓] Hourly performance charts

[✓] Openning, high and low prices

[✓] Fancy UI


  • Implement error handling (Priority)
  • Add monthly and yearly charts
  • Add personal account tab
  • Add personal wallet and balance

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