Avatar Glow

This Flutter package provides a Avatar Glow Widget with cool background glowing animation.

šŸ’» Installation

In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  avatar_glow: <latest version>

ā” Usage

Import this class

import 'package:avatar_glow/avatar_glow.dart';

Usage is simple. Avatar Glow is a widget offering different customizable optional parameters with child displayed at its center.

    glowColor: Colors.blue,
    endRadius: 90.0,
    duration: Duration(milliseconds: 2000),
    repeat: true,
    showTwoGlows: true,
    repeatPauseDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 100),
    child: Material(
      elevation: 8.0,
      shape: CircleBorder(),
      child: CircleAvatar(
        backgroundColor:Colors.grey[100] ,
        child: Image.asset('assets/images/flutter.png',height: 60,),
        radius: 40.0,

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