Flutter Conference app

Flutter Conference app (what a name) is a project that lets you build your own version of the app for a conference.

Because it's built in flutter, you can build copies of your app for both Android and iOS respectively!


  • Modern, colorful, engaging design
  • Smooth animations
  • Customize your colors, logo and background
  • JSON customization: no need to touch the code!
  • Remote sync: modify the JSON config file and the app automatically syncs changes



  • Support for multiple days
  • About section with Sponsors, Contacts, Code of conduct and more!
  • Fire off important notifications
  • Reviews/feedback for talks
  • Google auth with Firebase analytics

Build the app

  1. Clone this project
  2. Modify the packageName to reflect your organization (TODO: add script)
  3. Modify parameters in config.dart
  4. Modify data.json

Get This Source Code on GitHub: