Flutter Intro:

Flutter is now one of the most growing cross-platform development platform that released by Google in 2017. It cross-development nature and expressive UI getting more adopted by Native App Developer.

Main Feature of Flutter:

Cross-Platform: It will work on different platform just like a native application. It has inbuilt features that will adjust the app UI based on the devices and their OS platforms.

Single Codebase: It has a single codebase feature that allows developer to build a native app that work on Android and iOS both with a single codebase. Now Developer don't required multiple code for both platform.

Hot Reload: This features helps developer to do fast development and speed up there debugging process compare to previous Android and iOS development. In hot reload feature allow to check the result just after the save the code and they will see the result on live so they can easily see the change and find the bugs and fix it.

Expressive UI: Here Flutter Developer can easily build an awesome and expressive UI with flutter widget that help them to easy customization and reuse of that widget in further code. In flutter everything is widgets.

Flutter - Dart App Development

How to Hire Flutter App Developer or Development Company?

Since Flutter getting more attention there are lot of developer and company out there they started Flutter Development Services. So how you can choose the best Flutter App Developer that will help you out the build best Flutter app. You should have to check or consider at least the following point:

First: Check their work that done on Flutter only, Not on other platforms, Because Flutter developed on Dart and it is new Language that been launched in 2017 by Google.

Second: Check their live project or Flutter app demo so can check their app development flow and UI/UX with app flow.

Third: check their app backend demo, database schema and security that has been follow to develop an app.

Fourth: Do a online consultant with their Flutter developer those going on work on your project.

Fifth: Check their consulting and support response. How seriously they are responding for your quires and how frequent they will going to update about your project.

Sixth: Check your budget and compare with Flutter developer hr, monthly or project base budget.