select_dialog Package

Package designed to select an item from a list, with the option to filter and even search the items online.


select_dialog: <last version>


import 'package:select_dialog/select_dialog.dart';

simple example

String ex1 = "No value selected";

  label: "Simple Example",
  selectedValue: ex1,
  items: List.generate(50, (index) => "Item $index"),
  onChange: (String selected) {
    setState(() {
      ex1 = selected;


To use a template as an item type, you need to implement toString, equals and hashcode, as shown below:

class UserModel {
  final String id;
  final DateTime createdAt;
  final String name;
  final String avatar;

  UserModel({, this.createdAt,, this.avatar});

  String toString() => name;

  operator ==(o) => o is UserModel && == id;

  int get hashCode => id.hashCode^name.hashCode^createdAt.hashCode;


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