DroidKaigi 2018 Flutter App

The unofficial conference app for DroidKaigi 2018 Tokyo

DroidKaigi 2018 is a conference tailored for developers on 8th and 9th February 2018.

This app is built using Flutter and Firebase for both iOS and Android.




  • View all the conference schedule and details of each session
  • Add favorite sessions to My Schedule.
  • Check the place map.

Getting started

  1. Install Flutter. See https://flutter.io/setup/
  2. Setting up the IntelliJ. See https://flutter.io/ide-setup/
  3. Fork and clone this repository.
  4. Move to droidkaigi2018-flutter directory.
  5. Run flutter run command.


The main classes are under lib directory.

directory description
api Classes to load all the sessions data via API.
i18n Classes to localize (currently English and Japanese are supported.)
models Model classes which are parsed from API json.
repository Classes to call API and cache data.
ui Classes to show each pages.

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