Flutter UI Challenges

My effort on replicating various apps UI on flutter.


User Flow Screens

Onboarding Screens

(1 - is inspired from https://www.uplabs.com/posts/smart-wallet-onboarding)

miscellaneous widgets


Food Delivery App

Hotel App

Recipe App

Travel App

grocery App UI Kit

(design credit: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/grocery-app-kit)

Whats implemented

  • Working bottom navigator to show different pages
  • Navigation push/pop to show details page
  • Stateless & Stateful Widgets
  • Custom widgets for list items, category items etc.

Flutter UI Challenges

My effort on replicating various apps UI on flutter.

Building and running the code

From now on, you need to create your own firebase project and add the config files in order to build the project

In order to build the project before firebase services were added please checkout the branch without-firebase

Table of contents

Speed codes Youtube




My Flutter Plugins

These are some of my flutter plugins, that might help you in your flutter development journey.

  1. Flutter Automation
    A flutter package that helps you setup firebase auth, android signing, firestore CRUD, google maps automatically with just a command.
  2. Custom Clippers
    A bunch of custom clippers to help you clip your widgets into different shapes
  3. Bottom Reveal Widget
    A flutter package that provides an animated bottom reveal widget, the example is in the Animations section below.

Complete app examples

  1. Audio Book App
    An audio books listening app (works on background), where you can listen to audio books from librivox.org
  2. Quiz App
    A trivia app made with flutter using opentdb.com api
  3. Khalti Clone
    An effort to clone Khalti (A nepal based mobile payment app) app's UI
  4. Android Launcher
    A simple android launcher app made with flutter
  5. Iremember
    A simple app, that helps you remember where you kept your items by taking pictures. Demonstrates the use of SQLite Database and Image picker plugin

Code Examples

  1. Flutter Crypto List
    Flutter crypto tracker using coinmarketcap.com api. Demonstrate using http library to perform simple http request and displaying the result
  2. Simple BLOC pattern example
    Simple Example demonstrating state management in flutter using Streams (BLoC pattern) / RxDart
  3. Hangman
    Simple hangman game example in flutter
  4. Firebase Login
    Very simple flutter authentication example using Firebase auth
  5. Http requests
    Simple http request example with Future, json decode, async/await and FutureBuilder widget
  6. Flutter Lessons
    Basic to intermediate flutter code examples, projects I made while teaching flutter
  7. Flutter Flavors
    Setting up flavors in flutter app, using multiple firebase config based on flavors. Companion Youtube Tutorials
  8. Google Map Experiments
    Learning different aspects of integrating google maps in flutter app.
  9. Animation Experiments
    Simple to advance animation examples in flutter

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